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About Kos

Kos, named also as the island of father of Medicine, Hippocrates, is located in south-eastern Aegean. To be more specific the island is located southern of Kalymnos and northern of Nisyros and it is also near to Rhodes (Rodos). It is the third bigger island in space of the islands that belong in Dodecanese (Dodekanisos) and with a population of 30.000. At the Ancient times it used to be an important turning-point of marine road that began from the Black Sea and through the coastlines of the Asia Minor and the islands of Aegean reached the North Africa. The island’s extend is almost 290 km2. Kos has elongated shape with the highest point to be the top of the mountain “Dikaio” with an altitude of 843m. Kos is accessible by boat or by plane. In summer time 2 - 3 daily “High speed” depart Piraeus and reach Kos in about 10 hours. Every day at the same time 3 or 4 airplanes depart Airport - Athens International Airport (E. Venizelos) and reach the airport of Kos in about an Hour. The airport of Kos is located in Antimachia, 27 kilometres away from the city of Kos.

The highest percentage

of residents in Kos is occupied with tourism and the most well known product of Kos is honey. The eykrato climate of Kos, her dense vegetation and the particular morphology of her territory because of the volcanic activity, known as “The arc of Aegean” between Nisyros, Thira, Milos and Methana, makes it unique.

The splendid beaches with deep blue see, the graphical hamlets with white houses and also the local and unique delicacies of island make it magical.

Paradissi (Psalidi), Kos Island, Dodecanese - Greece, Tel: +30 22420 23537, Fax: +30 22420 48734, email: